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We publish trade fiction and non-fiction, and we publish, quite simply, what we like. We've done literary and commercial fiction, books on finance, sports, parenting, humor, history, biography...No topic is out of bounds for us if we think it's done well and will make an important contribution to society. We have never published children's fiction or poetry, and although we aren't opposed to working with these genres, it is unlikely we will ever publish them.

We ask for your patience in waiting for our response. We do our best to respond within 6 months, but occasionally are unable to do so. Furthermore, if you would like your manuscript returned, please include an appropriately sized envelope with correct postage. If you would prefer we recycle your manuscript, please include this in your cover letter.

We look forward to reading your submission!

Do not bother sending submissions priority mail, fed-ex, overnight, etc. We receive many submissions each day, and the expedience with which it arrives does not affect the expedience with which it is read.

Please mark your shipment appropriately -
Non- Fiction - Attn: Bruce Bortz;
Fiction - Attn: Bruce Bortz.

Please write your email address on the outside of your submission envelope so we can contact you when the manuscript has been received!

Please submit an entire manuscript, or as many chapters as you have written. Be sure to include a cover letter that details who you see as the audience for your work as well as a resume of your writing experience (any periodicals in which you've been published, any degrees related to writing you possess, etc).

Please submit either an entire manuscript or at least 5 sample chapters. Be sure to include a cover letter that details who you see as your audience, how marketable you think your work is, and any marketing contacts/experience you have. Please also include a curriculum vita/resume.

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