praise for Rebooting in Beverly Hills:
A Wise and Wild Path for Navigating the Dating World
by Marcy Miller

“Such a stitch!”Paula Schneider, CEO, big strike LLC, a portfolio company of the Gores Group

“If you love a great story that’s charming, engaging, and FUN, Marcy Miller has written the perfect summer read—intended especially for us gals on the feisty side of fifty. It’s a treat to read. It’s her true account of surviving an adulterous husband and subsequent divorce, and then learning to negotiate the treacherous life of dating in one’s prime. Rebooting in Beverly Hills is filled with laughs, aha moments, good, solid advice, and plenty of witty accounts of looking for Mr. Right in the land of glitz and glamour. It’s an unbeatable blend of wisdom and wit!”—Mary Eileen Williams, Host, “The Feisty Side of Fifty”

“Not only is this book witty, engaging, provocative, entertaining, well-written, smart, and deeply human. It will help people. Buy it for your girlfriends and compare notes!” —Isabel, writing on

“I started reading Rebooting a few days ago and can't put it down. It's humorous, insightful, and a perfect summer read.”Carrie Brillstein, Beverly Hills, CA

Rebooting in Beverly Hills is a combination memoir with tips for middle-aged single women deciding whether to dive back into the dating pool after a long absence. Though the target audience in many ways is divorcees like Marcy Miller, the short, amusing, and witty anecdotes can be used by any mature woman (and some discerning men). The author, for example, suggests diverse business cards that either provide your date real personal information, disinformation, or misinformation depending on how you relate to the recipient. Further short discussions, for instance, surface on ‘Not So Mr. Big,’ who happens to be a good kisser and caring person, but his lover needs a magnifying glass during sex. Throughout, this is an engaging guide for the forty and older crowd. Readers will appreciate Ms. Miller’s marvelous memoir as she focuses on rebooting the mission of finding ‘The One’ (or not) after the previous ‘The One’ proved not to be the one.”—Harriet Klausner, America’s #1 Book Reviewer

“The book gives a light-hearted glimpse into Marcy Miller's colorful love life and it doesn't disappoint! Each chapter surprised me with another wild and witty story. And the chapters are short, which keeps the book moving. I could have read it in one sitting if I had had the time. I'll be borrowing some of Marcy's tips, like having multiple business cards to control how much real (or fake) information I give out to men I meet—genius! Any woman will relate. I definitely recommend it.” —Erin Marie, writing on

“This is a great book for anyone entering the dating world. It was fun to read and very well written. It was especially entertaining for me; I’m a widow who had not dated for 20 years. It made me realize you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find that single prince.”Lynn Ariail, Toccoa, GA

“From a smart, rich, attractive, and very likeable woman living in the ultra-glamorous world of Beverly Hills comes Rebooting in Beverly Hills, a quick and compelling book that sets forth, in side-splittingly funny fashion, Marcy Miller’s many adventures as she struggles to re-enter the dating world after a disastrous divorce from an adulterous husband. Marcy’s a little saucy and it’s easy to empathize with her search for love. The book wasn’t written for me, or any other man, but I loved it, and most men will, too, I bet.” — Ed Feldman, producer of Witness, The Truman Show, 101 Dalmations, etc

“For lots of good reasons, a guilty pleasure—with a capital ‘P.’”
—Amy Elias, President, Profiles, Inc. (a public relations firm)

“Not many women can pull of a memoir that is, at the same time, so revealing, so funny, and so helpful. Bravo!”Jennifer Dynof, President, loweProfile (Rob Lowe's production company)

“I recommend Rebooting to all my girlfriends! Marcy's tales of dating are ones that women of any age can relate to, and they are hilarious. I couldn't put the book down. Perfect beach read for the summer!” —JDW, Philadelphia, PA, writing on

“This book is a great read—compelling, engaging, racy, funny, entertaining, acerbic, so honest, revealing, and deeply human. By the end, it’s quite hopeful because ultimately it’s a story about recreating/rebuilding one’s life because of one’s will, one’s determination, one’s smarts, one’s great friendships, one’s sense of humor, one’s strength, and one’s ability to trust again. The hope that is written about at the beginning of the book as distorting decision- making actually reappears by the end in the very fact of Marcy’s life. We the readers are left hopeful that we can indeed reboot our lives, as messy and complicated and painful as it may be. This is a book that is going to help people.”—Irwin Kula, Rabbi, author of Yearnings: Embracing the Sacred Messiness of Life (one of the 10 best spiritual books of 2006); and a regular Guest on NBC’s “Today Show”

“As a twenty-something facing the challenges of dating, I found Marcy Miller to be informative and inspirational. We can all learn from her journey.”—Amy Gregg, jewelry executive

"OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I could hardly rip myself away from reading it . . . This is ONE GREAT PIECE OF WRITING and I see NO REASON why it cannot be a TV series.”  —Bettye Zoller Seitz, VOICESVOICES

“Marcy Miller’s completely true memoir is witty, fast-paced, and thus a great plane-ride read. Marcy is a charming protagonist who sees through the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills, discovering who her real friends truly are when she’s no longer toting her wealthy, adulterous husband on her arm. But she’s not like the rest of them. She made her own way first, not like some women who married into their wealth. A successful female lawyer rising in the ranks in a man’s world, Marcy is the kind of woman who men with big egos just may not be able to handle. Attractive and competent, she struggles to re-enter the dating world after discovering her husband’s juggling infidelity with a less than respectable woman. Just because this book is from the perspective of a woman in her fifties doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great read for ladies in their twenties. Yes, it is ‘chick-lit’ and definitely a read that would probably scare men more than Carrie Bradshaw’s newspaper column, but as a twenty-something myself, I can attest to the fact that this read felt more than appropriate; it felt like I was getting a glimpse into a changing society . . . Rebooting in Beverly Hills is for anyone who has ever dealt with a broken heart, or perhaps a failed marriage, and anyone who ever needed to find the motivation to get back into the dating world again. Hers is a story for anyone who has ever been on a quest for love. This quick read from a Baltimore native is loaded with tidbits and helpful dating advice, plus a whole lot of Beverly Hills glamour. A guilty-pleasure quick read that will have you feeling like an expert on the dating arena post forty. Marcy’s memoir is bold, honest, and telling while still evoking humor from a saucy storyteller.”—Baltimore Book Review

“This book was an easy and exciting read. Chapters consisting of mini-life stories told of Marcy’s next adventure, whether it was dating or divorcing. As a young woman with many friends dating or getting married and having kids, I found it refreshing to hear some of those unpredictable stories, and her unpredictable choices; I’ll store them away for when I get older.” —Michele, writing on

“The part I could relate with the most was probably her internet dating fiascos. I’ve had plenty of those. LOL.” — Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!

"The most humorous and accurate portrayal of dating in a not-so-simple world. A must read for anyone who has ever been single, married, or divorced!"
Mary Astadourian, Professional Organizer

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