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Praise for Reality jane by Shannon Nering

“To anyone who’s ever wanted to ‘make it,’ Reality Jane shows you why to go for it, where to get it, how it looks when you get there, and when to turn and run the other way. In a business we call fluff, Nering finds meaning, all while making you laugh. Whether you’re an insider or just a curious fan, this is a super fun read. And you’ll love it!”
 —Jodi Roth, Senior VP, Specials, CBS Television Network

“Read this book now! Jane puts the ‘real’ in Reality Jane and it's proof that the stories behind the lens are infinitely more interesting than the ones in front of it—even when it is reality TV.”
—Steve Santagati, President of Bad Boys Finish First Inc., tv  personality, and best-selling author of The MANual

“Girl gets dream Hollywood job, meets great guy, gets sucked into the weird vortex of celebrity, loses guy, and, well, I won't spoil the end. It's a classic plot, but the reader can' t help but root for Jane in this delightful read. Recommended.”
—Kristin Fontichiaro, author and clinical assistant professor, the University of Michigan School of Information

Reality Jane was such a fun, quick read. A voyeuristic book combined with reality TV, it made me not want to set it down. Not since The Assistant's have I so thoroughly enjoyed a behind-the-scenes type of book . . . I loved the main character’s naivete and charm when she first arrived in LA  . I felt what she felt throughout the whole book. I loved watching her journey from innocent assistant producer to the career junkie who got her ‘perfect job.’ . . .  One of my favorite chick-lit books of all time. 5 of 5 stars.”
—A Nuttier Life

“For Carrie Bradshaw fans (Sex And The City) or Chelsea Handler fans, this is a great read. It’s a lot of fun, and author Shannon Nering gives a great inside look at what it is like to be a TV producer, her being one in actual reality. Reading her quick narration is like sitting at a swanky Los Angeles club, chatting over martinis. Reality Jane is romantic, witty, spunky, and entertaining. Maybe even made for TV!”
—Baltimore Book Reviews

“If you like smart-ass sarcasm, hopeful romantics, celebrity gossip, and sassy dialogue, then you will love Reality Jane. It definitely had me laughing out loud numerous times. And I liked the behind-the-scenes look into reality TV. I never knew how much work went into just being a producer (interviewing guests, directing, setting up itineraries, editing, etc.). And author Shannon Nering should know all this because she has done almost everything that’s in the book . . .  Toni, Jane's LA bestie, was a little iffy in the beginning. I wasn’t sure if I liked her or not because she felt a little fake and insincere, but towards the end, she really came through. I can’t tell you how because it would totally ruin the ending for you, but I was so proud of Toni for getting her shiz together that I wouldn’t minding reading a book all about her and her crazy antics with men and her job. Yes, she seemed fake in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t funny. Toni for sure added to some of my laugh-out-loud moments.”
— Chick Lit = The New Black

“Reality Jane is the perfect light read. It’s a cute, chick-lit look behind the reality show curtain and contains all the right ingredients for a quick break from your own reality. Jane is a sweet likeable girl who has the best intentions, but quickly learns that morals won’t get you anywhere in Hollywood.  Shannon Nering does a good job of plausibly illustrating the soulless, cutthroat world of show business and provides a great cast of characters to perfectly complement the story.  With just the right amount of fact mixed in with fiction, Realty Jane confirms suspicions of how ‘real’ reality TV really is, while providing light entertainment and an occasional laugh.”
—New York Journal of Books

“This was such an interesting tale.  I learned so much about reality tv and its dark side . . .  I liked the storyline, although I found it a bit over the top with the men in her life.  It paints a realistic view of Hollywood, tv producing, etc.  (though I wouldn't know from first-hand experience). I haven't ever read a book before that had a main character as a producer of a tv reality series. It really was fascinating.”
—Light House Reviews

“Reality shows are not new to me. Survivor was my first; The Biggest Loser is my most recent. I’ve always wondered what it is like behind the scenes of a reality show; this book answers the questions I had in mind. Written by a producer cum director of reality shows, Jane Kaufman narrates the story behind the scenes. Jane comes across as a strong-willed achiever determined to survive in the industry, despite its many hurdles and hardships. Ultimately, she realizes that in order to achieve professional success, she must sacrifice her own respect and that of others. Reality Jane is insightful and entertaining.”
—Jo’s Sanctuary (Malaysia)

“If you’re a fan of reality TV, or were a fan of the books that offered us glimpses inside that world in the early chick lit days, you'll enjoy this tale of slaving away with a smile filming people who think their 15 minutes of fame give them A-list status, and the right to treat all those around them similarly to how Kate Gosselin treats everybody (kids included) who comes into contact with her, minus her bodyguard of course.”
—Bellas Novella

“Written by an insider, Reality Jane is an entertaining satire on surviving the nastiest aspects of Hollywood’s reality TV shows. Producer Jane is terrific as she realizes who has her back and who is stabbing it. With an ‘is that all there is?’ theme, Shannon Nering provides an intriguing portrait of a woman who enjoys the reality media concept, but loathes the idea that viewers want blood from reality TV participants, who often seem like unwitting volunteer Christians facing lions inside the Roman Coliseum.”
—Midwest Book Review

“If you've ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes of reality shows, read Reality Jane. You get a front row seat for all the dating adventures, friendship adventures, and job dramas. Shannon Nering has a talent for relaying her story with humor and realism. Her book is a fun read. Enjoy!”
—Miss Book Lover

“. . . Reality Jane is a quick and fun read . . . It took me mere hours to complete the book . . . Jane redeemed herself well enough in the end.”
—Chick Lit Reviews and News

"Reality Jane is my hero! As a television insider, I consider this my favorite fictional account of the biz yet. Uncannily accurate and over-the-top surreal, it had me giggling and simultaneously wondering about the personal price of a run up the ladder in glam-town Hollywood. Good fun for sure!"
—Barrie Bernstein, Co-Executive Producer, The Real Housewives of NYC


Title Information

ISBN:  978-1-61088-028-2 (PB); 978-1-61088-029-9 (EBook) 978-1-61088-029-0 (9781610880290)
TITLE: Reality Jane
PUBLISHER WEBSITE: www.bancroftpress.com
PUBLISHER E-MAIL ADDRESS: bruceb@bancroftpress.com
PUBLICATION DATE: October 31, 2011
PRICES: $15.99 (paperback), $6.99 (ebook)
SUBJECTS/TOPICS OF BOOK: Chick-Lit Fiction/Women’s Fiction

Paperback $15.99

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