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If you need someone to solve a mystery, you don't go to a freelance writer, unless it's Aaron Tucker

(BALTIMORE-- June, 2002) Bancroft Press is gearing up for the September release of For Whom the Minivan Rolls, the first in its series of Aaron Tucker humorous mysteries.

In this book, a work-at-home dad/freelance reporter is pressured into investigating the disappearance of a local woman. When the disappearance becomes a murder investigation, he finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for.

Jeffrey Cohen, the book's author, tells the story with great amounts of sarcasm and wit, to the delight of any reader. He says, "The book is meant to be fast-paced, entertaining and funny."
Bruce Bortz, publisher at Bancroft Press, says he had been looking for a humorous mystery for quite some time when Cohen's manuscript came across his desk. He describes Cohen as "a witty and wise storyteller who's penned the rarest of breeds- a truly comic mystery novel."

The humor in the novel, however, does not preclude its dealing with some tough issues, including Asperger Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. Like Cohen's own son, Aaron Tucker's son copes with the disease.

Though this is Cohen's first novel, his experience as a writer is impressive. He has written over twenty feature length screenplays, some of which have been developed by Jim Henson and CBS, and he taught writing classes at Rutgers University, which is also his alma mater. He also has, forthcoming, a book for parents whose children have Asperger Syndrome.

Bortz is so confident of the book's potential that he has already agreed to publish more books in the series. He says this book is an "accomplished and sure-handed debut."

Many agree. Larry Gelbart, the dean of Hollywood's comedy writers, opines: Jeff Cohen's Minivan rolls merrily along -- accent on the merrily. Mr. Cohen's ideas on marriage and murder (often cut from two ends of the same bolt) are wise, wicked, and witty. Surprisingly tender, too, regarding the responsibilities and trials of a being a parent -- fathering a delightful book in the process."

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