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You are invited to enter the world of high stakes and low morals insider trading, where winning no matter how it's done is measured by how much money you have at day's end. Join Peter Neil as he is sucked into a situation that soon spins out of control. Come experience what happens when a young man with a good heart is tempted with unimaginable wealth; when a love affair gets tangled with long-buried family secrets; when a persistent SEC agent matches wits with ruthless businesspeople who think nothing of murder of individuals and of entire countries' economies!

Man in the Middle blurs the line between today's business headlines and fiction. Written by a man described as a 'former Master of Wall Street by the London Times, this novel takes you deep inside the inner working of today's capital markets, and simultaneously makes it understandable and gripping.

Reviewers have said, "Man in the Middle is an insider's foray into the cutthroat, rip-your-face-off culture of big-time global trading and corporate misconduct . . .. . . offering up a smorgasbord of insider trading, murder, and protection money."

Welcome to Wall Street and the international financial marketplace a world that author Ken Morris knows intimately, thrived in for 20 years, then left suddenly. Retired at 39, Ken brings together an insider's knowledge with a novelist's talent for storytelling and melds the two together with the heat of a righteous anger from one who has fought a corrupt system. He is destined to become one of our foremost thriller writers, having already been compared to the early John Grisham at his best with the investment world instead of law as the backdrop.

ken morrisKen Morris spent his 20s learning to be a stock trader, his 30s practicing his craft at the highest levels of the world's capital markets, and his 40s writing about it. Ken is a master storyteller with a depth of experience unique in the genre of financial thrillers: He worked for Michael Milken and held high level positions with Morgan Stanley, Drexel Burnham, and Prudential-Bache. He has managed, earned, lost, and earned again millions of dollars.

For more than a decade, Ken Morris was 'the man in the middle, balancing million-dollar deals and practical business considerations against legal complexities and moral considerations. And while his personal adventures weren't quite as harrowing as those of his protagonist in this novel, Ken was a 'Wall Street trading legend who played by the rules, fought the system (and won), made friends and enemies, and shook world financial markets.

A Southern California native, Ken Morris obtained his undergraduate degree from UC Santa Barbara, and his MBA from UCLA. In the 1980s, he became a stock trader for Morgan, Stanley in New York, and by the age of 31, had become a celebrated, much sought-after trader operating at the highest levels of the world’s capital markets. In 1992, at the tender age of 39, he stunned and perplexed the financial world by turning his back entirely on Wall Street. Returning to California, he set up a part-time consulting practice, and began devoting himself to his family, to reform of the capital markets, and to writing. Man in the Middle, the first of his novels to be published, received attention from The London Times, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNBC’s “Kudlow & Cramer,” among others. The Deadly Trade is his second novel. He lives in Del Mar, California, with his wife, a fund manager, and their four sons.

For more information, please visit www.financialthriller.com

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