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Wilber Winkle Has a Complaint!

This book is hilarious! Wilber Winkle is an American treasure.
-LARRY KING, host of CNN's "Larry King Live"

This is perfect. Who knew? It turns out that reality is the wackiest cartoon of all. Witness this bizarre and wonderful collection of correspondence. This book could put me out of work. If Wilber's pastime catches on, people won't need TV. They can entertain themselves through the U.S. mail.
-PHIL HARTMAN, concerned comedian and star of NBC's "News Radio"

[Wilber is] a nebbishy Ralph Nader who confronts the issues that drive us all crazy. . . . the letters are laugh-out-loud funny. . . .

Wilber Winkle is . . . every man. That is, every man who's ever been rankled by the corporate machines running this country-or the stooges that work for them. . . . Winkle proves that the pen is not only mightier than the sword, but a lot funnier, too.
-DAVID JASPER, Tampa Weekly Planet

A corporate crusader . . . . [Wilber is] a cross between Dave Barry and Dilbert.

Not since Ignatius J. Reilly in A Confederacy of Dunces have I run into someone this persnickety. I empathize and sympathize with Wilber. Some might say his concerns are trivial. I think he has the good of the country in mind. This book made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions. Hopefully Wilber will either get into politics or join the "60 Minutes" team. I do believe this is one person who can finally get to the bottom of things.
-ANTHONY CLARK, star of NBC's "Boston Common"

At first glance I thought, he is a nut with too much time on his hands. I still do but I have to say it made me laugh and laugh.
-LINDA MACK ROSS, author of "The Smart Consumer's Book of Questions"

Hooray for Wilber Winkle, the Ralph Nader of morons, railing against all the inanities of day-to-day life. Is there a deeper message in the ramblings of this contemporary crusader? . . .
I don't think so. Just sit back and laugh.
-RANDY FELDMAN, screenwriter, Tango and Cash

Wilber Winkle makes Ralph Nader look like Barney Fife! Riotously funny . . . in Wilber's hands, the business letter is a literary hand grenade.
-KEVIN COWHERD, author of "Last Call at the 7-Eleven" and Baltimore Sun Columnist

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