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Unpublished Authors
He welcomes working with new authors who have not yet published their writing. From polishing your manuscript to make it saleable to developing an attention-grabbing query letter and proposal package, he can help every step of the way.

Published Authors
For authors who have already sold their manuscript, he offers editorial services that are personal and customized—something few in-house editors have the time to offer. Make sure the book you’re putting out is something you can take pride in, and is exactly how you want it.

Aspiring Authors
For those who have big ideas, but not the ability or time to put the words on paper, he offers ghostwriting and content development services. Let him help you get that book out of your head and into print.

Agents, do you have clients whose work is full of potential, but could use a polish you’re too busy to do? Perhaps your proposal packages could use a little panache. Or maybe you have a top client in need of a ghostwriter. Bruce Bortz offers all his services to you and your clients.

Editors, are you bogged down with projects and looking for a professional helping hand you can trust? Let Bruce ease your load. His experience and expertise make him the best possible assistant for you and your authors.

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