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Although editing books fills the majority of his time, Bruce has the experience, knowledge, and passion to handle all writing projects, including fiction and non-fiction, short and long works, etc. Before he decides anything, however, he’ll have a phone (or in-person, if you wish) conference with you to determine your needs and goals for your work. From there, he will develop a course of action that will meet or exceed your expectations and deadlines.

Manuscript Critiques
If you are unsure how your work should be handled, he can review your material and offer a detailed evaluation of its strengths, weakness, and needs. This will help him and you determine which of his services will benefit you and your work the most.

This includes content-, structure-, line-, and copy-editing, and proofreading. When Bruce takes on a project, his number one priority is to make it “critic-proof.” In essence, this means fixing anything that a critic or reviewer might find wrong with a book. They are, after all, the toughest audience a book will face. He edits from large to small, starting with structural editing, (which includes things like character development, plot, and timeline for fiction), then moving to line editing (essentially making each sentence sound perfect, and making sure certain sentence constructions, phrases, and/or words are not overused in the text), then finally to such details as spelling, punctuation, consistency, presentation, etc.

The way he tackles a project varies, depending on the needs of the author and the manuscript. Perhaps only a spelling and punctuation check is in order. Or perhaps the manuscript needs a complete structural makeover. His initial phone conference will determine what he’ll do.

Have an idea for a great book, but not the means to get it down on paper? Have no idea at all, but still want to write? He can sit down with you to flesh out a book from just a germ of an idea. Then he can write it for you or help you get started on it. However it ends up, it will still be your book with your name on the cover and your voice within. And it will be, hands down, something you’ll be immensely proud of.

Marketing Plans
Another skill he has honed over the years is marketing. Bancroft Press no longer employs a distributor, and thus all distribution, advertising, publicity, and marketing falls squarely in our lap. He’s become a master at developing and executing marketing plans for the books he releases (one about every seven weeks) because his book sales are his paycheck! Knowing that a solid, not to mention stellar, marketing plan can be the clincher to get a publisher to bite on a book proposal, or to make a marginal published book a financial success, he offers this indispensable service as well.

Book Proposals
As a book publisher, Bruce has seen tens of thousands of book proposals. They range from intriguing to atrocious, with a rainbow of mediocrity in between. Want your proposal to stand out as professional and intelligent, yet creative and unique? Of course! The first step to tempting a publisher to buy your book is to get its editors’ attention. As an editor and publisher, Bruce knows what doesn’t work—and what works terrifically.

He can create and put together a proposal package that includes materials such as a query letter, book outline, author biography, polished chapter samples, marketing plan, and any other ancillary materials that will help close the sale of your book. During his initial phone conference, he’ll explore what type of package will reach your audience most effectively.

Ancillary Materials
Besides outlines and marketing plans, there are plenty of materials an author can and should include in his proposal package to potential publishers. Could your book reach the education market? Include an accompanying lesson plan or study guide. Can you speak on radio or television about your book’s topics? Include a sample Q&A that an on-air personality might use with you. Bruce can help develop any sort of material that will make your package pop even more.

Disclaimers Made Necessary by False and Unfounded
Accusations that Bancroft Press is a Vanity Press
No Bancroft Press author is ever asked, much less required, to pay the press money in return for having Bancroft Press publish a book.

Moreover, no would-be author submitting a manuscript to Bancroft Press is ever asked to pay monies to Bancroft for editing, submitting, or any other reason or activity whatsoever.

All Bancroft Press authors are paid advances and royalties. All Bancroft Press authors have their books edited for free.

Bancroft Literary’s services are on this website for cost-saving reasons. Otherwise, there is no connection between Bancroft Press and Bancroft Literary. Any accusations that Bancroft Press is a vanity press are false and unfounded, and should be publicly retracted. Failing that, the persons who make such false statements will be dealt with in the courts.

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